We source the globe for the most exquisite and rare materials and combine these with dedication to produce unforgettable experiences. For us, this can only be achieved when a setting is fully personalised to those living in it. Zijlstra Interiors understands how to craft these types of interiors. 

in style.

We are committed to deliver exceptional, comfortable and bespoke interiors that provide enduring pleasure. Each project is seamlessly executed with a beautiful finish, no matter how large or small. Through our in-house design team and high-end production facility, we lead your project from vision to production.


We are passionate about everything we do and honest about how we deliver it. With a deep understanding of how to combine materials, textiles and textures, we are able to give you the best advice.


Our design team excels at turning a client’s vision and style into elegant and unique interiors. We work together with world-renowned architects and rather than source for ‘off-the-shelf’ products, we can design, develop and produce tailor-made interior pieces in-house.


An interior is a work of art, made to order exclusively for you by our team of highly skilled craftspeople. 

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