A floor makes the room. It is the canvas that you colourise with your furniture. Zijlstra Interiors has a long history of floor making, restoration and carpentry. With skills passed down from generation to generation, we have honed the craft of producing premium flooring. By always adding a personal touch, we are the ones that know how to shape your ultimate canvas. 


Each floor has its own features and style. A beautiful floor can add atmosphere and living comfort to your interior. Zijlstra Interiors offers a wide range of floors, such as wooden floors, carpet, marmoleum and PVC. We gladly advise you on all types of floors and their possibilities.


With so many possibilities, we can ensure to find you an ideal solution for your wishes. We would like to welcome you into our sample room and take you on a journey along different floor types to see what best fits your preference.

Want to get inspired?