Zijlstra Interiors offers a diverse selection of luxury stemware, table linen, accessories and tableware such as china and cutlery for residential use and for luxury yachts.

The right

The dining experience is an immersive and important aspect of our daily lives. It’s a tradition of good company, good food and a good life. The very first thing that catches your eye when you sit at the dining table is the kind of tableware when waiting for a meal to be served. The right tableware helps set the mood by complementing both the visual aspects of the food and also the general theme and backdrop of your dinner. 


Our interior design team will assist you in selecting and matching the best collections of china, stemware, cutlery, table linen and decorative accessories to create the most exclusive table decors. We provide a complete service, from research and consulting to the design proposal, the ordering process and the international delivery on location.

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