Zijlstra Interiors has been pushing the boundaries of luxury interiors since 1941. Our passion for high-quality fabrics and materials has been there since the very beginning. By layering finishes and textures, combined with beautiful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, Zijlstra Interiors creates fully-tailored interior designs that enrich living spaces. With an  exceptionally skilled and experienced team, we provide our services to a global client base.


In 1941, Zijlstra Interiors was founded by Ben Zijlstra. From a one-man business that specialised itself in furniture upholstery, Zijlstra Interiors has grown into a successful company that now produces complete and custom interiors for private residences and superyachts.


The art of blending indoor and outdoor spaces lies in the right combination of materials, colours, scents, comfort and energy. Zijlstra Interiors strives for perfection in designing, selecting and assembling the best upholsteries, furnitures and floor finishes that combine to form the ultimate interior. A setting that enriches life both indoors and outdoors, turning it into a place where you can relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.


Zijlstra Interiors continues to innovate in the fields of technology and mechanical engineering to improve the quality of our products. Each interior is an expression of a next step towards the future. We constantly ask ourselves: how can we make this even better? The use of state-of-the-art machinery and advanced solutions are a good example of this.


Passion, dedication and a boundless pursuit of perfection is what typifies the craftsmen within our company. From the workshop to our project management office, our organisation is characterised by a close-knit team with one clear goal: to work together to create something truly beautiful.

Realise your dreams.