Furniture forms the basis of any interior. The material, arrangement and appearance all determine the atmosphere. Zijlstra Interiors brings imaginative interior concepts to life through bespoke furniture. We offer a wide range of furniture from exclusive brands and also provide hand-made pieces of the highest quality made by our skilled artisans.

to detail.

At Zijlstra Interiors, we go the extra mile to achieve excellence, thanks to our brilliant craftsmen, who bring our designs to life. It’s their quality of work and attention to detail that help us maintain our high standard. We design, source and produce in-house and do not stop until every detail is beyond perfect.


Besides an impressive collection of premium products, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a bespoke design service. This means that pieces can be commissioned based on custom specifications. From small adjustments to large scale projects, we aim to make the design process as efficient and as straightforward as possible.

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